What Clients Say

Kimberley Talbot JP, ACCM, AFAIM, AICD – Group Chief Executive Officer,
Richmond Club Ltd & Hawkesbury Living Pty Ltd

“In 2007 I found myself in the middle of a “crisis clock” – wondering what I was doing – trying to run two companies in difficult times, with a slowing economy and major legislative changes.

My directors already have a great understanding of how I lead, but I needed to develop a new level and gain the confidence and trust in voicing my ideas – sometimes “out of the box”. We are increasingly communicating with government departments to initiate change and radical thinking for our industries to assist development of communities that are sometimes forgotten with funding.

Forward Focus was an essential part of growing my management team and blending two companies’ cultures into one – in line with the organisations’ values and beliefs of creating communities in line with our Triple Bottom Line principles.

Just as importantly, Carolyn assisted me to get through the crisis clock and understand the way my brain thinks with whole brain thinking.

Carolyn also gave me clarity in my personal vs professional values, which are the basis of a good leader.

I am not just recommending Carolyn. I am suggesting that managers at our level need to reach inside and drag out another level to survive in these times.

Carolyn helped me to achieve this.

My personal thanks to you, Carolyn – a great coach and friend.”

Luke Simmons, Operations Manager – North Sydney Leagues Club

“The journey I took with Carolyn over the 12 session coaching program was invaluable. Carolyn was instrumental in motivating me to define my thoughts, achieved my goals and harness my dreams, ensuring I remained challenged and focused throughout the entire program. This enabled me to think outside my usual patterns of thought, giving me a new perspective on many day to day interactions.

Having undertaken the coaching, I feel more in control of my life than ever before. Driven with the aim of success, the approach Carolyn has empowered me to take has given me a determination to achieve what I want, when I want and how I want.

Carolyn has helped me identify areas of imbalance in my life, whilst providing me with the tools to create and sustain long term balance and happiness in both my career and personal development.”

Dale Hunt AMAMI AIMM Group Operations Manager
– Richmond Club Ltd & Hawkesbury Living Pty Ltd

“I was sceptical to say the least when our company introduced the concept of personal coaching but I have now come to think of Carolyn as my secret weapon in achieving my goals. Every session was stimulating and motivating and Carolyn helped me achieve goals I never thought possible in both my professional and personal life. She has integrity with a capital I and a personality that brings out the best in people.

Having Carolyn as a coach is a little like having a mirror and a compass held up to you on a regular basis, she makes you look at yourself and where you want to go then helps make small adjustments along the way to keep you on track in achieving your chosen goals.

Thanks Carolyn, you truly made a difference.”

Kerry Unicomb, Regional Business Manager, North West Region
– NSW Department of Corrective Services

“I signed up for the coaching program with some trepidation, firstly, who to choose and secondly how would I perform.

I am pleased to say my coach Carolyn Pickering was an excellent choice for me. I was able to set 3 goals without difficulty and Carolyn skilfully kept me on track. Our sessions were structured and focused.

I was able to breakdown areas of concern and gain insights into these areas and develop strategies and targets which were met over this 4 month period. The sessions have allowed me to gain different perspectives and insights into my personal and professional life.

This experience has re-energised me and provided me with some tools to meet the challenges of my current position and to look forward to taking on other work opportunities.

A very happy and worthwhile experience.”

Anissa Smart – Sales Advisor

“I always thought of myself as a motivated person, until I started the Stargames Corporate Coaching program. Coaching opened my eyes to so many more areas in my career and personal life.

I have achieved goals and am in the process of achieving goals that before coaching I had not thought of. The guidance the coach gave me was inspirational.

I would recommend coaching to anyone who wants to awaken the inner goals and clarify what is important to you.”

Paul Barnes – CEO

“Working with Carolyn has been a valuable experience. This program has taught me the importance of focussing on the present (rather than on the past and on what might have been) and of planning for the future…these and other seemingly small strategies, when consistently implemented, had a significant impact on my self-belief and on my ability to successfully plan and organise both my personal and professional life.”

Carolyn helped me to recognise and understand the habits I had learned that were restricting my belief in myself and taught me to defuse these negative patterns. She was able to illuminate and harness my personal strengths, which in turn, instilled in me a sense of confidence and self-assurance. As a result, I felt empowered to make changes in my personal and professional life that, I believe, will be long-lasting and fulfilling. I have certainly come to a greater understanding of myself and of my journey from working with Carolyn.”

Daniel P- Project Manager

“Moving half way around the world to a new job, new home and new culture had me busier than I have ever been. I wanted a way of dealing with all of the challenges effectively, a method of being ‘back on top’ as quickly as possible.

My coaching experience gave me much more than this; firstly Carolyn and I worked out a plan to address some specific challenges, as these were explored and resolved many more possibilities unfolded. I found myself breaking new ground and considering new ideas and perspectives, all with the guidance of a very special type of person. Someone who can help you look at all of these things objectively, find the bits that are relevant and useful to you, and keep you smiling during the journey!”

Murray N – General Manager

“Carolyn encouraged me to challenge my preconceived ideas and reminded me of many things I knew but was not applying. Whether you are a high performer, doing all right or in a rut; these sessions will provide you with a shot in the arm that will make a difference …”

Pamela C – Financial Controller

“ … I cynically believed that it would not help me. I learnt more about myself in three months than in the last 40 years of my life. I found clarity and also appreciate things more.”

Farbod N – Software Engineer

“The corporate coaching program was a definite gain for me. Carolyn taught me how to: effectively break major tasks into more achievable milestones, use more effective language when communicating with people and how to manage and diversify my ‘method of thinking’. I especially appreciated her constant positive encouragement and optimism, both of which I learned and gained a deal from. I can genuinely say that I feel more in-control of myself and my ability to achieve after completing the coaching program.“