As a leader, or an emerging leader, you are challenged every day to perform at your best – and in order to be the best leader, you must find that individual place where professional and personal success intersect.


As a leader, the challenges to perform at your best may not always bring out your best. You may be :

  • curious about what more you could be achieving
  • looking for better ways to resolve conflicts constructively
  • wondering about taking the leap to the next rung on the ladder
    (but can’t find the time or energy to define what you want)
  • seeking culture change
  • surrounded by clutter and confusion
  • unable to delegate in a way that gets results
  • experiencing apathy in the workplace
  • overwhelming your team
  • challenged in understanding where people are coming from
  • experiencing the challenges associated with downsizing/restructuring
  • finding it hard to connect with your kids on the same wavelength

Even though these challenges are experienced by many leaders as a regular part of their professional and personal lives, it doesn’t make them a good way of being.

There is a Different Way

You can resign yourself to the challenges of leadership and continue to wade through them, fighting them all the way. Alternatively you could look for a better way, a way that will enable you to work at your best, in a more effortless way.

Instead of just coping with the challenges you could :

  • think with new perspectives to uncover untapped potential and deal more effectively with change
  • energise your team to “go the extra mile”
  • focus on ways to plan time and organise not just your work time but also your personal life
  • be finding renewed vigor for your work and business growth, while creating work/life balance
  • have an ability to see and act beyond the current situation
  • discover how to harness your personal values towards achieving improved performance
  • create trust and confidence in yourself and the people that you lead
  • work towards goals that are aligned with your true values
  • let go of goals that are better off being abandoned
  • develop time management priorities and create clarity to cut through the clutter
  • define your career enhancement and clarity of direction

What better options could you be choosing to be the leader that you want and need to be?

How to Achieve Better Leadership

Forward Focus Solutions offers a range of executive level coaching options that allow you to step up as an effortless leader. The most popular format is one-to-one confidential coaching sessions which are conducted either on a weekly or fortnightly basis at a mutually agreed location, for one hour each. Three inspiring objectives are created (for example, one professional, one organisation and one personal), which form the basis of a 12-session program to maintain work/life balance throughout our journey.

Another structure to support the growth path of leaders is a package of 3 sessions designed to define a specific area of focus, develop a plan and press into action.

Individual follow-up / progress sessions are also available.

Available programs include :

  • 12 x One-to-One sessions
  • 3 x Power Sessions
  • 1 x Leadership Boost

The Forward Focus Solutions approach uses a solid, internationally proven solution-focused, self-directed learning coaching model based on contemporary neuroscience, to achieve connection, balance and growth.

Even though these programs can benefit any leader, Forward Focus Solutions has specialist experience in working with:

  • Executives and Managers in the medium to large Corporate sector
  • Executives and Managers in Registered Clubs, Hotels and Casinos
  • Managers in Government Departments
  • Business owners and leaders in SMEs
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • R&D and Technical Professionals

By working through a coaching program with Carolyn you will get:

  • a new perspective on the day-to-day problems encountered as a leader
  • new thinking outside your usual circles
  • new and different questions about the recurring challenges
  • a process to determine which goals are most aligned with your true values and which goals are better
    off being abandoned
  • a simpler perspective
  • a powerful, proven goal-setting system that you can use to determine exactly what you want, and
    how to get it
  • how to measure your progress along the way and how to objectively assess your life

What Others Say About Carolyn’s Leadership Coaching

CEO – Hospitality Industry

“A recommendation!

Recently I decided to look at an alternative to the daily grind and the traditional way of managing people and profit.

I had heard that Carolyn Pickering of Forward Focus Solutions had a unique way of approaching the thought process required to find balance in the people/profit management process, and that she teaches this very effectively.

First I learnt to look at myself and to understand the value of recognising a preference that I had for a particular way of thinking.

Secondly I learnt to accept that it takes various types of people with different ways of thinking, within the management team to influence a balanced approach to people and business management.

The benefits at the end of the proram were a shift in my view of people, what their thought processes might be and consequently a fresh approach to work and life balance. I am more trusting and this has created a more relaxed approach to people and gives me more time to commit to a more important private side of my life.

Result – I’m more productive, my team is more productive and ‘life’s good’.”

Franziska L – Senior Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry

“Signing up for the coaching program I didn’t know exactly what to expect – I was just hoping to find a way out of my confusion about myself, my thoughts, where to go in life and how to get there.

Looking back to where I started I can say that coaching is not only a short-time investment: I have learnt how to recognise the real key hurdles on my way forward in life and the underlying key problems; I have learnt how to set SMART goals, how to create a plan to get there and how to follow this plan step-by-step. I have leant that I can achieve my goals if I really want to achieve them. I have learnt to recognise and face my underlying fears and how to overcome them. And I have leant that life can be really fun doing what I want to do.

Carolyn did not solve my problems but rather guided me through the process by keeping me on track, providing me with tools and helping me looking into my inner self. It was a great coaching experience – a long-term investment that will help me now and in future to cope with my life.”

Want to know what some other clients say about leadership coaching?

If you are looking to take your leadership skills to the next level and wonder what’s possible you are welcome to contact Carolyn to discuss your options.