Organisation/Workplace coaching is designed to assist leaders in organisations to affect culture change across the entire company. It is tailored to your company’s specific requirements, and incorporates elements of Leadership and Team coaching – usually aligned with the Vision, Mission and Values of the organisation.

Three inspiring goals are created with each client – two business and one personal, which form the basis of the 12-session program, to ensure balance is maintained during the process and provide sustainability for the long term, to align the formal and informal version of ‘the way we do things around here.’

Results have included:

  • Understanding how individuals and teams impact the common objectives of the company
  • Fostering mutual respect and gaining a greater insight into each other’s roles and responsibilities
  • Growing the business, implementing new business structures to increase clients, sales and profits, and efficiency and effectiveness
  • Creating a ‘can do’ culture
  • Learning new skills and seeing from a fresh perspective, leading to promotional opportunities
  • Positive communication and resolving conflict constructively
  • Build a culture of partnership, job satisfaction, inspired collaboration to produce results then reflect on what went well by asking the question – How did we do that?
  • How personal values impact organisational performance
  • Inspired collaborative culture of success
  • Assisting leaders to affect cultural change across the organisation
  • Learning & development initiatives maximised – coaching can assist to further embed and sustain
    new learnings, grow management potential, increase an individual’s awareness, opportunities for practical application, encourage ownership of professional and personal development and develop an action plan.

Organisation/Workplace coaching is conducted in Registered Clubs, Corporate, Government and SME environments using a solid, internationally proven solution-focused, self-directed learning coaching model based on contemporary neuroscience.

If you are interested in seeing what else your organisation can achieve by improving people’s thinking to transform their performance you are welcome to contact Carolyn to discuss the options.

What Others Say About Carolyn’s Organisation/Workplace Coaching

John Rouse – President and Managing Director,
Stargames™, A Shuffle Master International Company

“…Carolyn is a skilled, refreshingly open and creative coach and a practical sounding board. She has assisted our employees to achieve better outcomes in both their professional and personal lives.”

Chris Rogers – Director International Sales, Stargames™,
A Shuffle Master International Company

“…It provided regular time to refocus and track my progression both professionally and personally. I truly believe as a senior executive that a program such as this has tremendous merit of all employees and is a great initiative for the company to encourage.”

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