What is Professional Coaching?

The International Coach Federation has defined coaching as :

“Providing an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Through the process of coaching, clients typically achieve more effective results more easily and enhance their quality of life.

Coaching has emerged from a range of fields and disciplines, such as sports, business, leadership and management, psychology and counselling, creative arts, financial planning and management, human growth and potential movements, interpersonal and communication skills training.

The basic philosophy of coaching is that you can have what you want most in life and achieve your potential without the struggle and ‘hard work’ of doing it all alone. Coaching also works on the principle of synergy; that the energy (ideas, focus, clarify) arising from the coach-client partnership is greater than the individual energy brought by the two individuals alone.”


I work with exceptional leaders who want more out of their professional and personal life.

Questions to determine if you are you ready for coaching…

  • Do you see things as opportunities or problems?
  • Do you focus on your strengths or your weaknesses?
  • Do you focus on what can or can’t be done?
  • Do you have a sense of humour?

If you have been talking about ‘doing something about …’ for a while or you really want to get started on something and are not sure where to start and keep coming up with ‘very good reasons as to why you can’t.’ You do however really want to move forward, are keen to get into action, willing to ‘do things a little differently to get a different result’ – as quoted by Albert Einstein and would benefit from having a committed partner to keep you and your team accountable.

I empower you in a direct and insightful way to reach your goals, encouraging and supporting you to be fully responsible for you decisions and actions and accountable for the results you achieve, with laughter a frequent visitor to cement the learnings as they unfold.

My clients are individuals with a passion for life that want :

  • new thinking perspectives to realise opportunities
  • to create an inspiring working environment for their employees
  • to effect a culture change within their organisations
  • to grow their business exponentially
  • foster leadership skills
  • harness untapped potential

You are inspired and committed to reaching higher levels of success and want balance whilst taking a quantum leap in your life.

Coaching is a collaborative partnership, where you have your own cheer squad to provide support and an objective sounding board, to enable you to see different perspectives to the challenging issues you may be facing – a fresh perspective perhaps. You have the opportunity to decrease your focus on what’s wrong and increase your focus on what’s right to build enthusiasm and energy, strengthen relationships and move people and productivity to the next level.

Identifying strengths, talents, synergies and possibilities in yourself and others to achieve your desired result and improve your self-confidence – the way you see things. A shift in perspective may make a big difference to your outcome.

Coaching may not suit people who are unwilling to change or look at things in a different light during this challenging, yet supportive environment.

Proactive or Reactive – what will you choose?

“Can humans make as much progress in the way we treat each other,
as we have made in technology?”

Theodore Zeldin, Philosopher 2004

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