The services offered by Forward Focus Solutions can be grouped under the umbrella of ‘Corporate Creator‘ and the elements of the coaching services fall under the specific areas of Executive coaching, Leadership coaching, and Team coaching. Clients, either individuals or organisations, focus on topics such as Culture and Career development, Communication skills and Thinking Preferences, to gain knowledge, expand thinking and understand perspectives in order to reach the objective/goal! Contemporary neuroscience of leadership underpins the process.

Coaching Service Categories

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Corporate Culture – organisation/workplace coaching
  • Communication styles
  • Thinking preferences and styles

Coaching Focus

My focus is on career, culture and leadership – working with individuals on their personal career paths and strategies to take the next step, and with organisations on company related career paths. I also provide coaching services to compliment companies comprehensive Leadership Development Programs to assist clients to embed the learnings gained through education forums – with the opportunity to use an objective sounding board to gain valuable feedback in identified development areas to put into tangible, practical use, leading to sustainable change.

I have provided coaching alongside Leadership Development Programs to clients such as: Marsh, QBE Insurance, BNP Paribas, Tabcorp, Coates Hire and NSW Department of Corrective Services.

Team coaching focuses on creating a ‘team’ environment within the organisation – small, medium or large. It also assists to affect culture change within a concentrated number of people, as there are typically five to eight people in a team coaching session to maximise effectiveness. This approach uses a solid, internationally proven solution-focused, self-directed learning coaching model to achieve connection, balance and growth.

Team coaching harnesses the energy to create a new bond in an established team, a strong connection in a new team and provides a purpose and focus for a specially convened project team.

The neuroscience of leadership underpins the process of identifying strengths, talents, synergies and possibilities in yourself and others to achieve your desired result and improve your self-confidence – the way you see things. A shift in perspective may make a big difference to your outcome. You are inspired and committed to reaching higher levels of success and want balance whilst taking a quantum leap in your life.