Getting Noticed In Meetings

meeting.jpgEver had the feeling that you are invisible in meetings? Maybe you had something useful or important to contribute but the person chairing the meeting just seemed to see right through you. You are not alone.

Recently Lee Wilkinson from Communicate (a New Zealand based communications training consultancy) shared some great tips on Getting Your Share of Air Time in Meetings.

Lee shared tips for both during the meeting and in preparation, including 2 handy tips for getting noticed :

  1. Sit where the meeting leader has to see you!
  2. Speak up early on in the meeting, so that you register a presence. This doesn’t mean that you have to say something startlingly brilliant. You could just ask a question. Really, just say anything that will start your part in the communication.

Next time you are feeling that you’re not being heard in a meeting give these tips a try.


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