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We appreciate you taking the time to read about Forward Focus Solutions and how we work with people like you and companies like yours to create an environment for you and your team to be the best you can be.

As you browse the site you will find that we are committed to identifying strengths, talents, synergies and possibilities in you and others to achieve your desired result and improve your self-confidence - the way you see things.

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The services provided by Forward Focus Solutions are directed towards individuals and organisations, focusing on culture, leadership and career development using Communication skills and Thinking Preferences to gain knowledge, expand thinking and perspectives and reach the objective/goal! Contemporary neuroscience underpins the process.

Coaching service categories include :

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Corporate Culture – organisation coaching
  • Communication styles
  • Thinking preferences and styles

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Carolyn Pickering

Carolyn Pickering, Managing Director and Principal Coach at Forward Focus Solutions, is known as a trusted and patient professional who steps you through the process of developing your leadership skills, your team or your organisation - all done with strong support and great humour.

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